The Lords of Thyme - Pellets

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The Lords of Thyme - Pellets


Sunstone have a very limited number of CD copies of the debut album 'Pellets' by the wonderful Lords of Thyme.
Fans of our label and the band will know this is a highly anticipated release and a trip into the dense heart of English Folk Rock: From reworkings of traditional ballads to jaw-dropping originals, traversing Fairport, Pentangle, Lazy Farmer, Traffic, Synanthesia, John Martyn, Saraband, Fresh Maggots and forging their own very distinctive and more progressive, aurual space.
As the Autumn colours turn to the pallid and bleak beauty of Winter, this is the ideal soundtrack for sunrise and sunsets across ancient,  leaf-laden forest-floors and misty, frost-jewelled, morning-meadows.
Limited vinyl will drop in 2017 but for those of you that can't wait - it's here, now!


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