Moth Effect - Crocodilians - Vinyl LP

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Moth Effect - Crocodilians - Vinyl LP


“Moths are drawn towards a light that kills them – like a candle.  [There’s] a theory that people are sometimes inextricably drawn to repetitive flashing lights that are actually trying to warn them of a danger,” explains the incognito one man band “Moth Effect”. Crocodilians is his first full-length album.

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Moth Effect doesn’t sing. He doesn’t do flashy. Instead, he creates trance-inducing instrumentals that tick all of the “right boxes” for crate digging lunatics. Yes, the key signatures of the ’70s Kosmiche bands can be picked up, as can Quark, Strangeness & Charm era Hawkwind and newer adapters The Soundcarriers, but the artist also takes time to note that ’60s and ’70s psych, garage-rock and soul, pre-punk and new wave, hip-hop and lots of contemporary electronic music also equally appeal and inspire. 

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