Lords of Thyme - Autumn/Winter Tour CD 2014

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Lords of Thyme - Autumn/Winter Tour CD 2014


The Lords of Thyme follow-up their extremely promising 7" debut on Sunstone with a four track CD which consolidates the strengths of the "Proud Maisre" single, and reveals a few new ones. Split evenly between startling interpretations of traditional material and intriguing originals, this self titled E.P is a nicely varied package. Stand out "The Cutty Wren" continues to refine the Pentangle style folk-jazz of "Proud Maisre", while "Fare Thee Well" classes up the joint with a T-Bone Burnett style production job, punctuated by some gorgeously swelling steel guitar. "English Rain" on the other hand is less genre-bound, and on a pretty grand scale, recalling the sprawling Albion wonder of Dexys' "Don't Stand Me Down".

- The Active Listener

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