Garden Gate - Dark Harvest (pre-orders 99 electric pink only)

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Garden Gate - Dark Harvest (pre-orders 99 electric pink only)


Let this be a taste of a record informed by a series of recurring dreams, journeys, channelled imagery and Tarot spreads

Its narrative loosely centred around a Gothic heroine inadvertently discovering a strange doorway in a haunted mansion and synthesizer arrangements as garish as the rococo halls it wanders, Dark Harvest is part meditation and part thought experiment with its gnarled roots deep in the psychedelic oeuvre of Silver Apples, White Noise or Ruth White.

We're pressing 99 copies only of this very special record on joyous, pink vinyl, each will ship with one of Tim's hand-stamped Tarot cards inside that inspired and supported the weight of the work itself. Bag it, you know it makes a deep and moral sense

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