Enter the Glamour Forest - Balduin talks about his music to Sunstone

Where does the title The Glamour Forest come from?
As a matter of fact, I took that title from a song I wrote for my next album. It's self-explanatory when you look closer at the cover photo, which my wife shot during a sunny Sunday afternoon walk in one of the beautiful forests in the district of Bern-Mittelland. You can see me standing in front of a wizard's hut. Instead of presenting myself as a wizard I look very common in casual clothes except for the long branches of the trees in the background. But the firewood and fern all around the hut and the forest itself look very natural and ancient. "The Glamour Forest“ is the perfect collage to present my music.

What kind of music influenced your songs?
I mostly listened and still listen to the psychedelic studio music era in the late 1960s. I’m a record collector and there’s still plenty to discover and those songs and their recording techniques in that period still amaze me. I can’t just name a few bands or albums, so the list of my inspirations would be simply too long.

How do you go about writing your songs?
There’s no regular way of getting my songs together. Sometimes I write the lyrics before I get the harmonies. I often sit down and begin to improvise until I discover a catchy key-melody. Earlier I wrote my songs on my guitar. But more recently I compose the music on my keyboard.
Then I go on with the arrangement and build other tunes and instruments around or take them apart. I use to work with analogue and digital equipment.

When did you start recording the songs for the ep?
The Lyrics for "Waves, Stars & Moon“ I wrote during my holidays in Tunisia, the song was finished in October 2012. "Mirror, Mirror“ was recorded later in November. A year later in May I began to cover "Jabberwock“ and in August I wrote "Hole In The Sky“.

So, what are your future plans? Will you play any concerts?
Definitely my next album and film music. I’d love to play my tunes live but I’m more of a recording artist and love to cook my songs in my studio.