Sunstone sign Trappist Afterland and Nine Shields

It's with some excitement, and best-placed hubris, that we're able to announce the addition of two fantastic new artists to the label.

Firstly, Trappist Afterland, shaggy Australian Acid Folk geniuses, have signed to release their 'Like a Beehive, The Hill was Alive' LP on Sunstone later in the year.

With gentle nods in the direction of UK bands such as Magic Carpet, Sagram (Clem Alford) and the Incredible String Band, far removed from the referential or formulaic, Trappist Afterland design new kosmische rhizomes, and make music to watch the stars die out under summer skies.

Check them out here now

Last, but in no sense last, we also have the great pleasure of committing a new UK talent to wax. 

Nine Shields is an aurul texture/patchwork driven out by Gareth Munday, in collaboration with other artists including the talented Alicia Merz, who provides the vocals on his Sunstone debut 'As It Was', due to be released with 2 accompanying B-sides later this year.

Some questions arise, first, how is it possible this wasn't committed to wax before it fell upon the Sunstoners' ears?

Fragile as it is, will it still be in one piece come Autumn, and time to press? 

Listen soon